As many of you know, Fighting Mongooses recently went through a sort of inactive limbo period and we’ve been getting things back up and running over the last few weeks. Part of this, I’m told, should be giving people input on big guild decisions and not just being a massive tyrant and doing whatever I want. Boooooring!

Anyway. To show willing, totally democratic and not-at-all confusing polls and surveys were introduced for a couple of things. First came new rank names, as our current ones are boring and utilitarian, and next was the raiding organisation that people have been pestering us about (‘cos you know the expansion has been out for like almost 3 weeks which is a totally reasonable timeframe in which to get bored).

The first signs of trouble came when I asked for suggestions for new guild rank names. A few people responded, usually with only half of the number of names we’d need but it’s the thought that counts. After a couple of weeks of this with only four submissions a poll was set up for a final vote. Of course Artulla decided to submit his new idea the day of the poll. Thanks for that Art it doesn’t mess anything up at all.

Polls are hard so the next few responses were from people who replied with a comment instead of just clicking the poll. Most people quickly realised their mistake but the grand “polls are hard” prize must go to Dougie who managed to completely miss the fact that the thread titled “rank names poll” had an actual poll at the top. Seriously how did you miss this?

Those teething issues aside, most people managed to master the complex task of clicking which option they liked the best. Buoyed by this success myself and Dentorm decided the easiest way to gather info on who wanted to raid would be to set up a slightly more complex survey (we figured we were ok because Dougie probably wouldn’t fill that one out) to see what days were best to adopt as official raiding days and so on.

We were naive.

The first sign of trouble came when the very second person to fill in the survey somehow managed to submit it twice with the exact same answers, immediately swaying the results. At this point our raiding team of 4 members was 50% Kitteheal.

The second sign of trouble came when Violentbill managed to misspell his own name. Seriously man, it’s your own name.

The third sign of trouble came when Dentorm (yes Dentorm, the guy helping me organise all of this) answered that he was available to raid every night of the week but also not available to raid any nights of the week. I mean, come on.

The fourth sign of trouble has yet to materialize, but I’m no longer sheltered enough to think it won’t happen.

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  1. Fastest scroller in the west, that’s me…honestly whoever reads the top of a post anyway…it’s normally you just waffling on for a bit anyway 😉

    And it’s unfair to say I wouldn’t fill out a raid-form as I would love to…

    Currently am unavailable to raid Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday…see I can do it :p

  2. Can raid ever night when I’m not working 😛

    Sorry but some weeks (like this week) I work Monday evening and Wednesday and Thursday night. Another week I might work Monday, Tuesday, Friday Saturday and Sunday night. Sometimes I miss working Monday-Friday 7-16……..

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