So after a couple of weeks of us persevering through a plague of disconnects, lack of healers and unexpected family parties, the stars finally aligned and we managed to pull together not a 10-man raid, but a 15-man one. We had tanks, we had healers, it was looking great!

And then we got to Brackenspore and Dentorm disconnected. Again. Left to fend for himself, poor Servas put on a spectacular tanking show and we actually got the boss to less than 10% iirc, but the debuff stacks became too much in the end and we just couldn’t quite do it. Still, awe at Servas because that was seriously close with one tank.

Maybe it’s karma for annoying everyone with that bike mount, but more likely Swedish internet is just allergic to Brackenspore specifically. That could happen, right? Upshot was, Dentorm wasn’t coming back.

Luckily for once we had a more than capable backup tank within our ranks. Semphis stepped up, and we were away again! Brackenspore down, and we headed for Tectus. Now Tectus has very simple tactics so all we had to do was not panic . . . and it totally worked for once! Tectus down, as you can see, and a one-shot. Nice.


(All of my screenies from last night seem to be haunted by some sort of spooky ghost, can you spot it in that first one?)

Buoyed by our success we moved on to Twin Ogron, which was the last fight I’d prepared actual raid leading notes on because a) I’m not supposed to be raid leader b) I didn’t expect to get further than that in one night.

Luckily Maxdruid (who you may know as Daiki, recent usurper of the site’s top achiever spot) came along and knows wtf to do here, so we were good. A bit of reminding on TS about when to run in and when to spread out and this one went down easily. Another one-shot, who are we and what did we do with us?



After this it was the semi-blind leading the completely-blind. Most of us had seen Ko’ragh in LFR and discussed such finer points as “Wtf is he doing? What’s that shiny thing? What’s a nullification thingy? Which healer is top on DPS?” over TS, that being the extent of our experience. Thank God we took Maxdruid’s mage, that’s all I have to say.

After one attempt that mostly involved running about wildly and Evok exclaiming “I don’t know what to do here!” repeatedly in an ever-increasingly panicked tone of voice, we were a bit more familiar with the mechanics and down he went.



Seriously, such haunted screenies! 😮

So that’s it. Our little raiding alliance isn’t doing too badly. 6/7 in Normal Highmaul. Congrats guys! Extra congrats to Noodle on finally getting some Highmaul shinies, and Tekuila for not losing out to a priest for once (admittedly we passed to make you feel better, but that still counts as winning and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise).

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  1. Well, now I finally signed up on here, I can read this too!

    It seems like Croman keeps on following everywhere we go.

    Btw, we’re no longer an alliance, we are one big guild now, or is there a 3rd guild involved?

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