Blackrock Foundry. Confusingly not located in Blackrock Mountain like I thought, protip.

Last night we entered the “new” raid for (at least for most of us) the first time. Some had ventured in on LFR mode, but didn’t seem to have come away with much in the way of useful knowledge, so our first 10 minutes was spent watching Dentorm die spectacularly on trash and all shouting “omg, what’s happening?” and “why can’t we sheep that?!” over TS. Seriously, four Dentorm deaths during one trash fight. FOUR. Thank the Noodly Lord Servas can handle himself solo :p

Anyway we made our way to Gruul and briefly went over tactics. Most people had done their homework, hurrah! The first couple of pulls were messy and involved many mistakes, but we were improving on every attempt. Then we had the tactics down, we pulled, rampage phase negotiated, he was down to about 19% . . . and Dentorm messed up the taunt / slice order (have you spotted the theme of the night yet?). SIGH!

We got him on the next pull, was pretty easy in the end! Of course we still can’t manage to line up nicely (maybe I need to organise a night of just practising lining up in front of stuff) and just at the very second I hit print screen the boss corpse vanished, so hence the badly-composed, badly-Photoshopped, not-to-scale version of our kill screenie.

After the celebrations we decided to move on to Hans’gar and Franzok. We headed back to the raid entrance ramp and took a brief AFK before pushing on, during which Giant Izune became Tiny Izune which was much cuter imo.

We’ll gloss over what caused the next embarrassing death, but suffice to say it was Evok’s fault.

So we were on our way. The next boss has simple tactics so we gave it a shot, and died during the scary stampy phase. Never mind, the first look at a new boss is always dodgy. A couple more tries and we navigated the scary stampy phase just fine, we were feeling confident, things were looking up . . . then suddenly BUG! Or at least I think it was a bug. The scary stampy phase 2 seemed to send all of the scary stamps down at once, instantly killing all of us. Pretty sure that’s not meant to happen . . .

Oh well, lots of people got epix and we had a fun time so whatevs, see you next time Hans’gar and Franzok!

The night wasn’t over quite there, of course. Once I’d moved downstairs and got the traditional post-raid icepop, LOOT DRAMA occured. Except loot drama in a massively Mongoosey type of way.

It all started with me celebrating my win of a warforged epic necklace. Ooh, that thing was pretty! Except it turns out poor Izune was coveting it too and had never actually won gear from a guild raid at all! Admittedly this is partly his own fault for outgearing all the Highmaul stuff with PvP gear, but still, that ain’t fair at all. So I offered to trade it to him. Cue bickering, guilt trips and eventual acceptance.

As we traded in my garrison, a whisper came through. Cacklerot was on his first guild raid with us last night and won the other, non-warforged necklace that dropped. Now he felt guilty too and wanted to trade me that one to replace the warforged one I gave away! Cue more arguing about why the guild leader should sacrifice loot and why it’s ok to get shinies on your first run with us.

It was all a bit like that scene in Father Ted where Mrs. Doyle and her friend are arguing in the cafe over who should pay. In the end I came away with no new loot but two guildies got big upgrades, and that seems like a good outcome to me. We just have to work on our gracious acceptance skills a bit more 😀

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