So it’s been..well…a long time since anybody put up a newspost, Clearly all of the other officers are a bunch of slackers, but I won’t hold that against them. I decided that it’s probably about time to explain some of the things that have been going on.

WhoTube? YouTube!

Yes indeed! if you haven’t noticed already, we have a YouTube channel! Our own little corner of videoville.There is a link in the little Sidebar thing on the right side of the page, but if that doesnt work, you can get to it [url=http://bit.ly/goosetube]here.[/url] It’s a bit barebones at the moment, but hopefully as more people start to create videos, they can be uploaded here for everybody to gawk at, and the channel will expand. I myself have been uploading everything I record onto here, as well as some old stuff from my own channel. Currently you need to be given special permission to upload to the channel by the page admin [b](Shell)[/b]. give her a poke and she should be able to get the ball rolling to get you upload access.

A Semi-Official, Semi Not Guild meetup

There is a semi-official Guild meetup happening at this year’s EGX. I’m not going because I am a terrible person, but If you have a ticket, be sure to poke Shell and ask for one of her RL guild tabards to wear to the event. I’m sure this space will soon be filled with photos of people looking [s]silly[/s] [i]GLORIOUS[/i] in their tabards!

Raid progress

Believe it or not, we somehow managed to finish a whole raid instance during the same expansion it was released in! I know! Crazy, right?! The fact that it was a patch later doesn’t count. We have finally killed Imperator Mar’gok and have therefore completed Highmaul. You can see our awesome video on them that there YouTube channel mentioned above. I guess at some point we will do the same with the remaining bosses of Blackrock Foundry.

In other news, we are slowly working our way through the spiky green orcland of Hellfire Citadel. currently we have got 3 bosses nailed, and should hopefully have some more soon.

Diversification of Interests (Or: Other games we play and how to find us in them)

WoW is not the only game we all play, and everyone knows it. To try and keep our crazy little community together, we have created some things:

  • A Steam Group. Primarily curated by Dentorm. you can find it here. If you would like to join, poke Dentorm and he should be able to sort you out one way or another.
  • A Diablo 3 Clan. This has been set up by Alaunus, although I think myself and Dentorm also have access to invite. Hopefully we can start farming for all that precious loot together.
  • There is a forum thread somewhere on here about a Mongoosey Heroes of the Storm team. Personally, it’s not really my thing, but I know other people like it, and it’s only fitting that we combine forces into an almost competent team!
  • Another thread on the forum about Overwatch. I know, I know, the game is a long way away, but people are interested in it, with good reason, and there are plans to create a Mongoosey team in there too.

I think that’s it for other stuff we’re doing, and this newspost. it’s been a long time coming, and hopefully a shorter time between this and the next one.


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