If you’ve been living under a rock (or more likely playing Diablo 3) you might have forgotten that some of the guildies were off to an unofficial meetup at EGX this weekend. Well, you might have escaped joining in but you can’t escape seeing photos of it!

Friday night was mostly people arriving late and other people who arrived earlier trying not to faint with lack of food. There were no fridges in the hotel rooms so we had to cool our beers in the bathroom sink. I ate a Pot Noodle with a teaspoon. The wifi kept cutting off so my Discord conversations for the time period were disjointed and confusing. It wasn’t looking good.

Dentorm entertained us during this time by being treated with suspicion by the hotel receptionist, and regaling us with tales of his run-in with Danish customs. He also bought an £88 belt by accident from Copenhagen on the way here. Eighty. Eight. Pounds.

Anyway, once everyone was here we toddled off to the pub restaurant next door where we proceeded to eat overpriced burgers, learn that Rekorderlig is actually pronounced completely different to how we expected, and of course break the ice with some good old fashioned Cards Against Humanity.

This is also where we discovered Roastie had failed to book tickets for the after-party as agreed, which was half hilarious and half terrifying due to the very real possibility Mona and Anteia would /gquit and never speak to us again. Spoiler: They forgave us (I think).

The next morning we woke in a panic. Evenstar’s daughter was sicking everywhere and couldn’t be left alone. Arya’s kids had somehow snaffled the emergency safety pins from her sewing kit and our shoulders kept falling off.

We sent Roastie and Mitzy to the Sainsburys across the road on a foraging trip for safety pins, but they were taking an inexplicably long time and Arya and I were starting to freak out. In desperation, I ran down to her room to be sewn in to my costume. Luckily the menfolk returned in just enough time to save us from this fate, and we finally left the hotel both of us more safety pin than woman.

Anyway. EGX. It was pretty good. We got stared at a lot outside, since there were lots of different events on at the NEC that day and somehow nobody on our shuttle bus seemed to be going to the nerdy one.

We arrived to find a massive queue, but in what would become the running theme of the day a helpful staff member immediately ran up and asked if we’d like to move straight to the front of the line due to Arya’s wheelchair. This kept happening all day.

Upon making it into the main hall, we were handed these free cans of horrible energy drink that they were giving away for no reason. Great, except could we buggery figure out how to open them. Finally, with each of us working out an individual step and also me spilling mine all over myself, we figured out the system. Soon enough a random passer by stopped and asked us for help opening his, and we had found our calling.

We met up with Dentorm and Noodle who had the later entry tickets, played some games (as you do at EGX), got into a slightly unhealthily competitive Bomberman game, and generally wandered around going “ooh”. A lot of people asked us to pose for photos, so presumably somewhere a random nerd is clutching a prized photo of all of us in the same shot at once, but in our own we always seemed to be missing either Noodle or Mitzy from each one.

There were selfies, and also photos of us taking selfies.

There were candid shots demonstrating the wide range of emotions experienced at the hands of Micro Machines.

There were lots of costume compliments, some really nice Subway sandwiches, and a lot of that awful energy drink. Also, silly Prison Architect hats. We even got Noodle into her tabard, in the end.

Eventually, worn out, we retired. Noodle headed home on the train (wearing her guild tabard all alone, +50 Goosepoints). The rest of us met back at the hotel where Dave, Dentorm and I spent some time yelling at game shows on the TV before all settling in Arya and Roastie’s room for some Gang Beasts. This is officially my favourite thing to watch four people do.

One last opportunity to judge each other based on pizza preferences, and that was it. Dave and I had to drive home, filled with sadness and cheese.

Awards for the day went as follows:-

Duck Hunt: Shell
Bomberman: Arya (I think?)
Micro Machines: Roastie
Pinball: Shell
Gang Beasts: Dentorm

There’s now talk of doing some kind of Xmas meetup, so if you’re interested keep an eye on the forum / pester me on Discord for organising. There may be purple Xmas hats involved. You love it.

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  1. As long as there are no more repeats of that pesky cheese hat … I’ve seen so many pics I’m even having nightmares about being chased by a Mad Hatter wearing red leicester on his titfer .. Curse you Shell!!

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