Well, as of this Saturday anyway.

You may if you look very closely, notice a bit of a change with the website. The current (or should I say old) site was thrown together and based on the site we used to have during Wrath so it was a bit old fashioned. It’s served us well, but it’s getting old and creaky and more hassle than it’s worth to fix so we are officially moving! What you see now is stage 1, just so we have something up while I work on the rest behind the scenes. The new site will be swish, much easier to keep updated, and of course integrated with Discord*. Think of it as my really crappy, nobody-really-cares gift to you.

Now, if you’ve been living under a rock and somehow missed the news, this weekend marks our ninth guild anniversary. We’d love to see as many Mongooses come together as possible, so we have a few different events in the works. Fishing, PvP competitions, Civ battles and of course Quizards! Please follow this link to help us pick a date for the Quizards night, EVEN IF YOU DON’T CURRENTLY HAVE A SUB. Once that’s all over and done with we’ll also be organising a new guild Hearthstone tournament and getting back on the Mongoose Train.

Behold our awesome poster

Behold our awesome poster

If you’re currently unsubscribed from WoW, don’t worry! You can play up to level 20 for free and even join the guild (if you have a character already in guild). So you can pop in, say hi and steal the Quizards grand prize from under our noses all without even paying, how good is that?! If you left FM ages ago and wonder why you’re still being poked about guild events, you’ve obviously forgotten our “Once a Mongoose always a Mongoose” stance and need re-educating. Honourary and past guildies are always welcome at our stuff!

Below this post you’ll see a link to the new calendar. You *should* be able to log into it with your existing user/pass from the old site, but let me know if it doesn’t work. Right now you’ll need to add a character to sign up to stuff (yes, even if you already added all your chars on the old site) but I’ll be going through and adding other characters as and when so you’ll only need to add the one(s) you want to sign up to stuff with immediately. If you want to come to stuff but don’t have guilded characters any more, just let me know on Discord or FB or whatever.

*Wondering where the forums are? They’ll be back soon (and working much better!) but in the meantime you can hop onto our Discord server and hang out with us there. Discord is basically a chat room, and it has web/desktop/mobile apps so you can use it as much or as little as you like. It’s very good.

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