Gone fishing to EGX, back soon!

22nd September 2016

This Saturday, Fighting Mongooses head to EGX. Keep an eye on our facebook page as we will try to stream! Facebook Link

Happy nine years, Gooses!

30th March 2016

Well, as of this Saturday anyway. You may if you look very closely, notice a bit of a change with the website. The current (or should I say old) site was thrown together and based on the site we used to […]

Cooking Xmas Goose

26th January 2016

Omg, for once it’s not a Shell post. Our XmasGoose writeup is courtesy of AryaStork, cross-posted (with WoW names added in) from her blog over at The Hippy Geek. Enjoy! – Shell The first weekend after Christmas was set aside for […]


28th September 2015

If you’ve been living under a rock (or more likely playing Diablo 3) you might have forgotten that some of the guildies were off to an unofficial meetup at EGX this weekend. Well, you might have escaped joining in but […]

More things have happened

30th August 2015

Heyoo! So it’s been..well…a long time since anybody put up a newspost, Clearly all of the other officers are a bunch of slackers, but I won’t hold that against them. I decided that it’s probably about time to explain some […]

Some things that have happened

20th April 2015

It’s been a while since we did a news update, because I am lazy and Dentorm fears writing essays. But things have been happening! We downed some bosses in Blackrock, saw the end of Quizards (we love you, Simon Joyce!), […]

We went to BRF and it was scary

26th February 2015

Blackrock Foundry. Confusingly not located in Blackrock Mountain like I thought, protip. Last night we entered the “new” raid for (at least for most of us) the first time. Some had ventured in on LFR mode, but didn’t seem to […]

We killed some bosses and took their lewtz

29th January 2015

So after a couple of weeks of us persevering through a plague of disconnects, lack of healers and unexpected family parties, the stars finally aligned and we managed to pull together not a 10-man raid, but a 15-man one. We […]

A celebrity interview with our guild first 100

21st November 2014

If you’ve been living under a rock, you probably still know that the much-anticipated Warlords of Draenor expansion hit just last week. Now we already have 11 or 12 level 100s in the guild, how crazy is that? Much crazier […]