Fighting Mongooses were formed as a social guild, and whatever the future may hold we intend to keep our social and friendly atmosphere. Our three basic principles are as follows:

  • Friendliness
  • Fairness
  • Futurama-nerd-ness


This is the absolute essential core of our guild. Guildies who greet each other and say goodbye before logging, who invite others to tag along in their planned activities, who help each other out and who make newcomers feel welcome are our star members. If you prefer to only speak while raiding, the guild is probably not for you. This also means we have a zero tolerance policy for anyone harrassing or generally acting badly towards their fellow guild members, and we prefer to keep chat of a family-friendly language level the majority of the time. You have been warned.


Fairness is hugely important in raiding, but it’s also important to our guild in general. It means that every member, no matter their age, level, skill, gender, whateveryouwanttolisthere, is treated as an equally valued guildie.

In terms of raiding, it means we strive to give everyone an equal opportunity. Those likely to go in a huff need not apply.


The guild name should speak for itself, here.