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    We interrupt your regularly scheduled gaming talk to bring you this important public service announcement.

    This post is perhaps a couple of days late, but to be honest I never really thought it was necessary to prepare it in advance. Like (it seems) most people in the UK and even around the world, I always assumed the outcome of the so-called “Brexit” vote would be to remain in the EU.

    I was wrong, most people were, and now everyone is dealing with that in their own way. As Guild Leader it’s up to me to make sure this mess doesn’t have the unintended consequences of splitting our guild in two, the way it’s splitting the UK.

    We’re a guild made up of 99.999% (for now) EU citizens. A majority of us are (for now) British. So Thursday’s vote has obviously had a huge impact on a lot of us and pretending it didn’t happen won’t help matters. The majority of the UK guildies appear to have been strongly for the Remain side, but we do have Leave voters in our midst and their opinions aren’t automatically invalid.

    To the Leavers

    Those of you who voted Leave and are witnessing the grief and anguish of the other side need to understand why.  Some voted to stay in the EU because they were worried about jobs and money, and those people are scared. They will probably come around if the economy recovers quickly enough. Others, like myself, voted to stay because we are European*.

    For us, we feel as if our identity has been forcefully stripped from us overnight. Imagine waking up tomorrow and being told “oh by the way, you’re no longer going to be British, we’ve decided you’re going to be French instead”. Imagine the grief, the anger, the feeling of helplessness when you realise you have no choice. This is what you’re seeing, and this is why calls to “just calm down and get on with it” are of no avail. There is no real “it” to be getting on with. If the UK carries on down this path, we will be told we’re no longer European and that’s that.

    One option open to us is to move, and “well just move to Europe if you love it so much” is a response I’ve seen a few too many times over the last couple of days from Leave voters. If, as many Remainers claim, we wish to stay European then of course moving to another country is an option open to us and it’s one that it seems a lot of people are currently exploring. But we all know what an upheaval that is, and to act as if we shouldn’t even be sad to feel forced into leaving our home country (and probably our friends and family) is somewhat insensitive.

    I won’t lie, the worst part of all this for many who voted Remain is knowing that racism almost certainly swung the vote away from us, and you’ll hear lots of ranting to that effect all over the internet. However we’re a guild with people of varying ethnicities, nationalities, sexual orientations and religions. It would be very difficult for someone that intolerant to successfully infiltrate our guild chat without anyone noticing (and why would they want to?), so if you did vote Leave please try to bear in mind that we already know this and we’re not tarring you all with that particular brush.

    To the Remainers

    Many Leave voters made their choice because they don’t wish to be European, and that is a valid choice. Yes, I know it affects us too and it feels unfair but frankly that’s tough. Some probably thought the laws we get from the EU are bad, also a valid choice. We need to see through the crushing disappointment of the result and realise that Leave voters in our guild were not in some way out to get us, they were just voting for what they saw as best for them (and hopefully everyone).

    Again, not out to get us.

    To everyone else who isn’t even in the UK and wishes we should shut up about it

    Bear with us, and it’s probably not a good idea to give an opinion either way yet 😉

    TL;DR There are multiple stages of grief and the process takes a while. Both sides of this need to make an effort to understand the other and stop fanning the flames. We’ll get there in the end.

    * For the purposes of this post, European = citizen of the EU.

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    Well said Shell *applauds and drinks coffee*

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    I’m sorry but no.

    This does definitely not belong here.

    For the simple reason that we do not see each other as political opinions. We are not leave or remain campaigners. We are gamers. We see eachother as Dentorm the Suicide Tank, as SJ the poshboy, as Pootus the Everdying, Dougie the Mastermind RL, DT the Brewer and Dark the Uno-accountant. I see Steve/Meesh as the friend, Holly aNot as he or she who voted so and so.

    We are gamers and we are friends. Who votes for what should matter here. I come to game to escape the bullshit from real life. We do not think guildies are out to get us.

    Sorry boss, I think you’ve underestimated us 🙂

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    It’s more covering my arse than anything 😉

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    Yeah I think I kind of agree with the comments but at the same time not. It sounds like a great conversation to have with some drinks and a nice fire not on a forums and especially not on a gamers forums.

    You appear to be very strongly unhappy, I am upset too but at the same time there is now nothing that can be done. The vote was put out there and given to us the ignorant to decide upon the fate of the country for the rest of our lives, its done and I do agree with potentially some racism creeping in and there is an argument for the older generations causing us to leave but if you look at the turn out for the youth (who seem more upset that most) then its just their fault for not voting the other way.

    I honestly dont know if it is a good or bad thing, if it will have a positive or negative effect on any of us – that will all be determined by how we react and how the governments play things out over the next few years. What ever happens I know I will not be able to understand how in 2016 we seem to have some really fucked up politics happening (Trump and Brexit as highlights!). Its not going to be a year to look back on with glowing fond memories.

    On a side note – I wont be able to pull as many mobs now because the cost of everything is going up! Or so I am told by doom sayers, therefore more mana cost, more rage cost, more runic power costs etc.

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    It’s understandable to think there may be some sort of impact on gamer’s in WoW after the Brexit shiz but tbh as Mona said we are gamer’s at the end of the day, this is the place to drop political crap, racist bullshit and any thing else we need to escape from.

    I’m more likely to insult someone based on their ability to run away from a tank than anything else lol 🙂

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    I agree that usually this isn’t the place, but something just happened that is literally tearing a country apart and causing deep rifts between even family members and lifelong friends. To think that a casual WoW guild is immune from that would be naive. I’ve already spoken to members who feel “weird” about their guildies now, and while it’ll (hopefully) pass in time I wanted to be very clear that we need to respect both sides.

    That is all. If you already don’t really care and don’t look differently at your guildies then this post is not for you 😉

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    I would suggest that this can have it’s place here but Guild chat is definitely not the place for it and as such we should leave it off Discord chat as well…lets keep it on our Facebook where some healthy discussions are taking place (for once) :p

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    also…Mastermind RL…love you Mona 😉

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    I also second keeping the Brexit discussion away from the game totally. We are here to play WoW and get away from rl angst etc.


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