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    Hello, fellow mongooses!

    I was wondering: Seeing how we’re quite a few people, if there were any people who enjoy the odd round of Heroes every now and then?
    And if so, among those, are there any who would like to try some Teamleague?

    If you are not sure what Teamleague is, here’s a little run down:
    Teamleague is the full party (so 5 people) version of ranked play in Heroes. To be able to play teamleague you need to have access to 14 Heroes of atleast rank 5 (either ones you own through gold or realcurrency purchase; or the free to play heroes of the week). I’m not 100% sure, but I think they scrapped the “you need to be profile lvl 40” part of the requirements.
    In a party of 5, you can then create a team, with an additional 5 roster slots.

    So, why play teamleague? As of a couple of weeks ago, TL has had it’s win-rewards boosted, meaning you’ll now get more gold per win, and also more XP towards herolevels (which may in turn net you some sweet sweet gold!). Also, finishing placements in TL will automatically net you a Heroes of the Storm mount season-reward, and who doesn’t love them mounts? 😀 This season it will be an elemental lizard (Kinda like a kodo, but with flames/lightning! how cool is that, eh? ;D)

    So, if anyone here would be up for that, let me know! 😀
    Also if you are not sure about Teamleague, but want to play some heroes anyways! It’s always more fun to play with people you know 😀

    Disclaimer: I am not super serious about the whole teamleague thing, I would just really like to experience it first hand, as I think it might be a much more enjoyable experience compared to heroleague or Quickmatches.

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    I am up for trying Team League. Mostly for playing the 10 placement games to at least get the mount and get a proper impression.

    Also up for a heroes night or just grouping up, but not really interested in playing against AI unless someone wants to derust themselves for going into HL later on… 🙂

    I am not super serious either, and have a fairly small hero pool that I can play well. I do however get real salty over first pick Gazes and Novas though…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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