The backstory

Fighting Mongooses have a long and varied history. Formed in early 2007 with the intention of being a social guild with some retro raiding, we accidentally progressed into being a social guild with some retro raiding and quite a lot of current raiding but mostly silly guild parties and too much attachment to our fishing rods. We developed an excellent reputation for our family-friendly atmosphere, and still managed to down the occasional boss on release week. Absorbing smaller guilds, groups of friends and even whole families without tension or drama, we didn’t stay a tiny guild for long.

When our original guild leader had to step down, the guild went strong for a while. We even levelled to 25 twice (don’t ask!). Sadly, over the course of the Pandaria expansion a willing leader became more difficult to find and the membership began to dwindle. With no intention of letting the world’s best guild tabard be retired, a loyal Mongoose took the GL role and quietly awaited further developments.

Well, further developments have now developed, and we’re back baby!