If you’re looking to join the guild, complain about the guild, or just want an alt inviting here’s the list of Who You Should Know.


  • Holyshell – Guild leader, agonisingly slow leveller, crafter of many things. (find me on Shellbot#2630)
  • Dentorm – Officer, naked tank, owner of an £88 belt
  • Artulla – Officer, video guy, Minecraft tower-builder extraordinaire.
  • Thindra – Officer, eater of correct flavour Pringles, haver of all the snow.

Raid Leaders

  • Alaunus – Raid Leader, waffle eater, dwarf pride activist.
  • BigDougieM – Raid Leader, stay-at-home slacker, talented hugger.

Other randoms who can invite alts and are generally “special”

  • Izune – Guild first level 100, homeless Twitch streamer, Hearthstone pro.
  • Maxxi – Power-mad, overenthusiastic tank, basically lives in hotels.
  • Dtan – Brewer of brews, winner of quizzes, player of 1 billion alts.
  • Andarn – Antisocial, hater of everyone, also everything.

Web Person

  • Taq – Web host and administrator