• Dentorm replied to the topic Horde side presence in the forum Everything else 4 years ago

    What I remember is that we have/had a Horde guild on the realm “Terenas”, called “Spice Weasel” (If I recall..)
    It was mostly populated with FM people that wanted to be on the horde side aswell, but people have dropped the interest on it so it mostly died out. I have no idea of what the current situation on the Guild but I’m currently leveling a…[Read more]

  • 1: Eh, Yes? ofc I’d want to be a Goosette as much as I can be.. Obviously with the Protection warrior mainly with crappy dps on the side. (Or whatever else we might need for that night or what not.)

    2: All depends on my schedule, it’s basicly I’m free wed-thur one week and the other mon-tue, fri-sun. And then it alternates each week between them.…[Read more]

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