Some basic common-sense raid rules. As per usual if anyone has a problem with anything in here please talk to your raid leader.


  • Have the appropriate gear. If you’re not sure what the appropriate gear is, ask a raid leader or other guildies, maybe even Google it!
  • Gem and enchant that appropriate gear you’ve got. It does make a difference and we will be checking.
  • ilvl is not everything, but it is important and an excellent guide to which content you should be raiding. For Hellfire Citadel progression content we’re currently looking for an absolute minimum of 670, but preferably closer to 680. If your average ilvl is lower because you have this awesome trinket that is BiS but somehow only ilvl 630, that’s fine, but maybe let us know so we don’t assume you’re a massive slacker 😉


Know how to play your class. Make sure you’re putting out enough DPS or that you know when to pop cooldowns or that you’re remembering to get your pet out (you know who you are!). If you’re a total noob at your class, you’re not alone, but we noobs must put in the effort to learn all of our buttons before inflicting ourselves on the rest of the guild.

If you don’t already have it, work on the gold proving grounds achievement for your main role. We’re not making this a hard and fast requirement, but we will be checking to see who has it and it’s a good indicator of whether you can really be bothered to do this properly or not. As usual, if there’s some reason you really can’t do gold then just let us know.

After gold you can work on endless :p

Raid prep

Know the bosses. Most of you will already know that the excellent Line of Sight Gaming are doing 2-minute tactic videos, and everyone can spare 2 minutes so there’s literally no excuse to go into a raid and not know at least the basics. Unless we dragged you in there against your will, in which case we owe you one. For bonus points and better understanding of the fights, we recommend the more in-depth Fatboss videos.

Bring flasks. Yes, even if you think you’re totally l33t without them. If you’re poor there’s usually a stock in the guild bank, though we do ask that you contribute stuff if you’re regularly taking stuff.

Bring buff food. DO NOT rely on other people to bring feasts. First off, what are you going to do if it turns out everyone was relying on everyone else and nobody brought any? Secondly, feasts are often not going to give you the best stats and on progression nights you want the best stats you can get. Most of the time you’ll be chowing down on  feast anyway, but please have the proper stuff with you in case we need that little bit extra.

Turn up on time. This one shouldn’t really need to be said, but if you’re signed for a raid at half past then do try to get online in time to actually make it to that raid with all your stuff and be on Discord by half past. Obviously real life happens, that’s fine, but I had to include this lest people think it wasn’t a rule.


Raiding with the Mongooses should be, first and foremost, a good night with internet friends arguing about what is the best flavour of Pringles (green) and whose fault it was that Dentorm died that time (almost certainly his own). If we wipe we wipe, and we don’t expect people to have a hissy fit about it.

That said, we do want to cut down on the amount of waffling between pulls. If we just wiped on a boss then we need to quickly discuss what went wrong and how we can improve it, so try to keep the bantering to a minimum while the raid leader is trying to sort that part out.

If you have tactics to suggest, great! Just be polite, ask the RL if s/he minds you chiming in, and frame it as a suggestion rather than a “OMG U ALL SUCK MY OLD GUILD DID IT BETTAR!!!!11!!!”

That’s it

Ready to raid? Go put your name down on the list.