Recruitment is now . . . OPEN TO ALL.

Note: If you’d like to speak to someone before making an application, check out the leadership page for the people you need. You can also add Shell through on @shellbot#2630, or you can pop into our public Discord channel and introduce yourself there.

Our vision for Legion

Recruit some fresh faces while keeping our laid back close-knit atmosphere. Run dungeons and BGs together for funtimes, progress into casual raids when possible. Level up our fishing, gain many achievements, overuse the /cower emote. Attract people of all levels, ages and abilities, and treat them as equally valued guildies.

What we want

  • Mature people who can be trusted to behave at least most of the time, but nevertheless really love to hit each other with fishing rods (in-game, what you do irl is your own business).
  • Basic politeness, if you can’t be bothered to say hello and goodbye to us when you play you probably won’t fit in.
  • Social types who just love to chat and make friends.
  • Achievement nerds.
  • People who have an interest in raiding casually. Note: CASUALLY.
  • People who will represent our guild well in public chat and groups.
  • Rerollers or newbies, you’re all welcome and we will offer all the help we can. No pressure to be a pro, here.
  • Bonus points if you know where the guild name is from and it made you giggle.

What we don’t want

  • People who rage, complain about the game, and generally put others down in groups. This is a multiplayer game, get over yourself.
  • Elitists. See above, but with special emphasis on those who believe ilvl is the same thing as importance, or that only people with 5000000 HKs should be allowed into arena.
  • People who would mock their guildies for levelling up fishing before levelling their character.
  • Anyone who uses txt spk in a non-ironic way. Have some self-respect!

How to apply

If you’re ready to take the leap, you can add your application here. If you’ve already spoken to us privately, think of your official application as a way for existing guildies to learn a bit about you before you join, and to choose your side in the neverending Star Trek vs Star Wars debate.