So we have a Discord server now.  TL;DR It’s basically like a cross between IRC (or for those more modern people, Slack) and TeamSpeak and you can join the public channel here (just ask in there to get access to the rest of the channels.)

Why do we need this?

If you don’t want to use Discord on a regular basis to just randomly chat to us, that’s fine, no need. However since it also includes voice channels, you’ll need access to those for guild activities / raids.

In the past, people asked over and over for some kind of instant chatroom type setup on the site which is surprisingly hard to do. Shoutboxes are horrible. Forums are great for structured discussion but not useful for general waffling about bugger all.  Lately we’ve also been playing lots of different games together, which splits us up and means guild chat can be quieter some nights. People who leave the guild also find themselves no longer talking to people who were their friends, just because they don’t share green chat any more.

Discord can help with all of this, plus it distracts Izune from learning about databases. As a bonus, our friends Battleragers are also making the move to Discord which means we can easily communicate and organise things between guilds.

I hate it and I’m in a bad mood

That’s ok. Guild chat will be the same, forums will be the same. The beauty of Discord is that you’re able to click an invite link, join our server through the web app and immediately connect to our voice servers for a raid with no faff, so you don’t even need to install anything if you’re really against that sort of thing.

I don’t like using web apps

There’s also a desktop (best) and mobile version. Here’s the desktop one. Get stuck in.

Discord desktop app